Unveiling our special Initiative of this year: Wildlife & Habitat Collection

It is essential that humans live in harmony with the natural world – we share the same ecosystem and as living beings both animal and human, we are closely linked to our environment. We know, although we often forget, that proximity to nature is an immense benefit to our mental and physical well-being.
It has been proven that simply walking through the forest or being near water, even briefly, can calm the mind and relax the body. Despite this, humans have allowed these natural areas to be repeatedly eroded by urban development, agricultural demands, increasing noise and light pollution. We are systematically destroying animal habitat. Thousands of species of wildlife are being endangered by our practices, threatened by our way of life and in some cases, are on the edge of extinction. They deserve our concern and we need to make efforts to learn how we can protect wildlife and the fragile ecosystems they inhabit.

Artists of Stonebridge launched a special challenge to their members to capture in their art, birds and animals living in their very own community. The challenge resulted in The Wildlife and Habitat Collection consisting of ten original wildlife paintings which will be featured at the 2019 Art Show!

These are the ten finalists whose paintings got juried in for AOS Wildlife & Habitat collection:

Cathleen O’Brien
Carmen Renaud
Christine Timmermans
Dhanashri Bapat
Elizabeth Nanninga
Fabiola Lima
Jane Pickett
Nicole Parent
Rachel MacDonald
Roy Ketcheson

In the spirit of increasing our understanding of wildlife species and their habitat, the Artists of Stonebridge have chosen to support The Ottawa Carleton Wildlife Centre (OCWC), a local not-for-profit organization. The OCWC is committed to raising awareness of wildlife and to educating people on the conservation of the natural world so that wildlife can live and thrive.

Donations to the OCWC will be collected at the upcoming 10th Annual Art Show and Sale in October. The Wildlife and Habitat Collection will first be exhibited to the public at the show and will then be circulated through our additional exhibit venues around the City. In addition, the ten paintings will be reproduced as greeting cards, available for purchase as a set, or individually at AOS ‘Paint the Town” 10th Annual Art Show & Sale.
19th & 20th October, at Stonebridge Golf Club.