Bennett, Amanda

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From the moment pencil met paper in my early years, a world of boundless creativity unfolded before
me. Sketching whatever caught my eye, from the graceful folds of a gown to the delicate petals of
flowers, I unknowingly embarked on a lifelong artistic journey. Little did I know that this passion, buried
beneath the responsibilities of career and family, would be rekindled in a time of unexpected
reflection—a global pandemic and a subsequent lockdown. As the world paused, I found the courage to
pick up a paintbrush and discover a passion I never knew I had, forever changing the course of my
artistic journey.
Starting out in watercolour, immediately I was able to create some paintings that surprised me, and the
positive feedback I received motivated me to continue to explore this medium further. After searching
for training that would break down artistic training into basic elements, I stumbled upon the Ian Roberts
training course, which began with drawing, then painting in black and white, and then colour. The most
valuable things I learned in this course were how to create depth in your art through the placement of
objects of interest, the use of colour to create focal points, and how to create hard and soft edges for
dramatic effect. This training was exactly what I needed to teach me some of the fundamentals of
drawing and painting.
Another benefit of this training was that it gave me the opportunity to make the transition to oil
painting, which has, for the moment, eclipsed my love for watercolour painting. The subjects of my
paintings has also evolved. Initially painting exclusively landscapes, my scope for subjects of interest has
expanded to just about anything: people, buildings, flowers, and more.
Along the way, I joined a couple of art associations: Artists of Stonebridge and the Manotick Art
Association, which led me to participate in a number of art shows. This has greatly helped me learn what
it takes to make and sell artwork.
The subjects, inspiration for, and style of my art continues to evolve, but currently the permanence of
objects intrigues me, and I strive to find creative ways of representing these objects that we often take
for granted. My latest artists of inspiration are Jessica Brill, Jeremy Miranda, and Chris Long. As for my
personal style, it is a blend of representational elements with artistic interpretation, utilizing slightly
muted colors, visible brushwork, and an emphasis on capturing emotions and meaningful moments.

To see Amanda Bennett’s latest works, please visit her website at, or on Instagram at @amandabennettart.